Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I know it is St. Patrick's Day but this is a little ridiculous...

Good Morning????

I like green.
I support St. Patrick's Day.
In my quest for good health I have been back on my smoothie kick (YUM!).
Needless to say after seeing the pictures, things did not work out very well this morning. I had the smoothie almost done, added the frozen bananas, and turned my back to rinse out my container, Ben happened to be wallking into the kitchen when it happened and said that it raised about 6 inches off the base and "helicoptered" to it's death on the floor.
So, I screamed the obligatory womanly scream, and then grabbed my camera, what else??
I had to call into work (I forgot to take the pics of the smoothie I was wearing in my hair, and all the way down my back), I am out a brand new blender, the jar cracked my floor in the fall, I had to re-shower, bit worst of all I wasted a whole smoothie and have no means to make more this morning. :(


Heth said...

It must have been leprechauns.

So sorry about your blender...and WHAT A MESS! Dang it.

Beth@playinwiththepaulsens! said...

I thought st patty's was supposed to be lucky!

melanie said...

stink.....! at first i thought lola was into something.. something green..?? green smooties on st. patties day.. steamer here we come...! :)

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I'm screaming on your behalf. I would have bawled. For realz.

jenni said...

It's in those moments that you don't know whether to sigh or swear
Love ya!

ann said...

Dang. Brand new blender, too. The same thing happened to me, except my blender didn't go flying. So sorry yours broke. Did you get a new one?