Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lola, you naughty little girl!

My kitty came home!!

Lola ran away Thursday night when Melanie and I were at *gasp* Target, TJMaxx and Peppers drinking Starbucks and sorting through the delicious clearance items. I came home to no kitty and one very sad family.

I was completely heartbroken! Ben felt terribly bad because he was home when she ran away and I was not. Friday at work I was a mess, (I know, it is a cat right??) in fact, Ben and I drove around the neighborhood Friday on my lunch calling for her naughty self. No kitty.

No kitty on Saturday so I printed lost cat flyers (yes, I totally did), and read up on some British website devoted to finding lost kitties.

No kitty on Sunday and I was sick in bed, but had the window cracked above my head just in case I heard her meow.

No kitty Monday, but Ben and I spent the night listening to my Ipod (on the groovolicious Bose Ipod dock I got with my Christmas money) which is chock full of Casting Crowns, Chris Tomlin, Brandon Heath, Phillips Craig and Dean, and other super music (as all of you know, it is 99% Casting Crowns, all 4 albums including the live versions of 3 :) ok, and some Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, Rascal Flatts, Gary Allan, and some various 80's and 90's love songs.

So we sat on the couch like a couple of geeks singing along and even dancing with our kids.

Since Heth is gung ho about this Run Like a Mother race (love ya girl) Mel, Tara, and I decide to start walking at night, starting last night..in the cold..in the rain. The entire walk we call kitty kitty for Lola, trying to decide which name to call as she has so many, incl her nicknames which I will not divulge here in order to protect her dignity.

Apparently it was successful because as Ben opened the door this morning to move his truck from behind my car he was greeted by LOLA!!! YAY!!

No idea where the little stinker was, but she looks a little skinny and was definitely interested in her food bowl!



Beth@playinwiththepaulsens! said...

yeah!!!!!!!!!!! sorry,... ferd rhymes with turd. I just couldn't.

jenni said...

Lily has ran away a couple times too and i was a wreck! Crying calling the police and the vet... glad she is home. Doggone pets anyways. LOL...A :)

Heth said...

I think she tried to follow you to Target. What girl doesn't love that place?

I'm so happy she's home!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

So glad she's home :)