Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Am I sitting in my soft chair?

I got a new necklace.

I LOVE LOVE my new necklace, it came from my dear sweet friend, and was brought back from her trip to Uganda. I never really thought much about it, except how pretty it is and how much i dig it. Then a co-worker mentioned that it looked like those paper beads. huh, I guess it does, maybe it is.

Well it is.

So I did a little web surfing and found the website for BeadforLife. WOWZA.

Reading along, minding my own business, learning about the bead makers, I came across this quote from Namakasa Rose:

"She says to everyone who supports BeadforLife, “Thank you for not sitting in your soft chair while I was dying.” "

I read it, started to hit the back button, then I read it again, and again, and again. "WHILE I WAS DYING" not, "while i was jonesing for McDonalds", not "while I think I need a new purse", not "while i whine about my TINY messy house", not "while I sit in my heated and cooled house with electricity, running water, 4 tvs, internet, flushing toilets, soft bed, food in the fridge, car in the garage, clothes in the dresser (or in laundry baskets all over the living room)".

Um, yeah.

I live in the land of too much is never enough. Bigger houses, nicer cars, better clothes and shoes and purses.

Rose just wants to thank us for not sitting on our soft chair while she was dying.



Heth said...


Nicole said...

ya, but like you said tonight, how are we supposed to live then? being here not there? having what we have?

no clue

jenni said...

I never get over how much we take things for granted... love you :)
fyi... I found some crumpled up $ in between my van front seats hmmmm I wonder where that came from?

melanie said...

nutso. it's such a hard balance.. loosing ones life to find it.
there isn't a day that goes by that i don't think about faces.. people that are so much like us. loving God. hum...
love you bunches.

ann said...

Man, that's convicting, and what I needed to hear.