Sunday, April 26, 2009

Do they know Jesus?

Last week was a long one.

Jack had pains in his side Monday night. The stellar mother that I am, sent him to bed and told him it would be better in the morning.

A doctor visit, cat scan, 3 blood draws, an IV, a long morning and afternoon at the hospital, a rockin case of hives, 2 missed days of work (for me), 3 missed days of school (for him), a 7 year old hopped up on steroids, threats to duct tape previously named child hopped up on steroids to the kitchen floor, a Town Hall for Hope, a school carnival, and a weekend full of rain and thunderstorms brings us to Sunday morning.

Somehow this morning as we were walking out the door the subject of Jack's cousins came up. Jack asked--"aren't they going to church?" Ben and I both replied "no". Jack, getting more concerned asks "do they ever go to church?" to which we again replied "no". The next question really knocked us on our butts, with wide concerned eyes my sweet 7 year old asks "well, do they know Jesus??"

How do you answer that? Jack did not stop with do they go to church, because even in his little 7 year old mind he knows that going to church, while good and necessary, does not actually mean that people know Jesus! While we would like to think that they did, wish that they did, I know that some don't know Jesus the way my kids do and that is a sad fact. I am thankful for the awesome and amazing children's program at our church, my own "baby" Christianity, for my sweet "baby" who is concerned that people know Jesus, and his new favorite song "Jesus Freak" cuz he don't really care if they find out he's a Jesus freak!!

I wish I could ask questions like Jack, "do they know Jesus?"

Today our wonderful Pastor talked about showing others Jesus' love though our actions, no matter where we are, and what may be happening in our lives at the moment.

The question I really need to ask myself is "do they see Jesus in me?" If they can't see Him in me how can I ever expect those who don't know Him, but know me, to ever know Him, even if I say I am a Christian, and I love Jesus CAN THEY SEE HIM IN ME?????? (if that nightmare of a run-on sentence makes any sense?) but somehow I know it will....for those who know Him.

Actions do speak louder than words, my friends!


Beth@playinwiththepaulsens! said...

love it!

Heth said...

That sweet, sweet boy. I could just eat him up.

jenni said...

oh to have faith like a child!!! us adults seem to make everything so doggone complicated. that great pastor dude of ours has also done messages on how we have made becoming a christian so complicated... when really it isn't. the trick is do us "Christians" resemble Christ or do we turn people off because we say one thing and act another way? Great post my friend!

ann said...

Wow! What a little sweetheart. Sometimes Ethan will surprise me with his questions, too. But they aren't as deep. He asks things like, "Does God have feet?"